About Us

Businesses Growing Together is a network of businesses who are dedicated to helping make each others businesses grow. We do this by cross advertising for each other through a monthly flyer that is inserted in our outgoing packages and a magnetic car sign exchange program. Businesses Growing Together is all about EXPOSING YOURSELF! Because we adhear to a high standard of quality in the sellers we promote, we try to connect our buyers with other quality online web site stores.

Our standards of quality include:

  • Sellers who ship within four (4) days of payment, unless they are providing a customized order or if item has been back-ordered. If item has been back-ordered, the seller must make the customer aware of this fact within two (2) days of payment and given the opportunity to cancel not only the back-ordered portion of their order, but also the entire order without any service charges being applied;
  • Sellers who send out shipping notices to buyers letting them know their items have been shipped;
  • Our sellers are serious about their online businesses and have been in business for over a year. Many started out on ebay and have moved on.

By creating a high level of standards for our selling network, we aim to only refer those businesses that we would buy from ourselves!

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